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Woolworths is proud to be Aussie, through and through. It’s why 96% of our fresh fruit and veg comes from our very own backyard and it’s also the reason why 100% of our fresh meat comes from Australian farms and nowhere else. Welcome to Australia’s fresh food people!

The confidence we carry to deliver on our promise of great fresh produce comes from the solid partnerships our stores and buyers have with Australian farmers. It’s these healthy relationships that ensure you’re always delivered the best and freshest food every time.

With more choices than ever before, more Australians still pick Woolies for their food shopping, 14 million every week.

From fresh produce to the choicest home grown meat, we always pick the best for you. And it’s not just about price, it’s about the best quality for all budgets. When it comes to the community, we’ll pick the greater good every time.

Fresh Food Kids
We all know kids need their daily intake of fruit and vegetables and Woolworths is determined to help. We’re making fruit and vegie’s more fun and easier to eat – starting here with heaps of easy lunchbox and recipe ideas, shopping and cooking tips and videos showing what their heroes eat to be be big and strong.

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